Monday, August 25, 2008

6 Quirky Things

Tagged by Candee
So Candee tagged me and this looks like fun. Ya, I know, it was like a month ago, but still.

The Rules:• Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.• Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.• Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged. Thats it!

1. I NEVER return phone calls. I don't know why but I hate to talk on the phone. Most of the time when I am on the phone I am going from room to room trying to hide from my kids who haven't talked to me all day but suddenly all 4 of them have something SOOOOO important to tell me that they just can't wait. It is just a pain in the neck so hopefully all of you readers will understand that it's not just you!!

2. I still love cheerleading, (maybe it's just wishing I had that body again) but I do want to be a cheer coach someday. I think it would be so fun! I guess I never grew up! So maybe someday you will all have to call me Coach Coley:)

3. I am just like Dori on Finding Nemo, I forget things almost instantly (could be another reason I don't return phone calls). I walk in the kitchen to get a pen and end up getting a drink and doing the dishes. It irritates all those around me!! Maybe I will take memory pills like my Dad, but then again he said " I think they would work if I could remember to take them." I don't know where I get it from.

4. My first job was at a place called Ab's Drive In. I think I made like 4.25 and hour. I flipped burgers, cut real potatoes for fries, made shakes and was the cashier . My family used to come there to eat lunch on Saturdays, I always used to charge them 1/2 price. (I don't think they knew that)-ya, your welcome :)

5. I love to catch critters, not spiders and creepy things, but frogs, snakes, lizards and stuff like that. I usually act like I am just doing it for the kids but I love it!! I am lucky I have 3 boys and a tom-girl.

6. I never have my rear-view mirror in the right place. It is always facing the kids, I figure that there is more of a chance of them hurting each other in the back seat than having someone rear-end us and possibly getting hurt that way!!

Well there you have it, some very uninteresting facts about me!! Enjoy. I noticed that Sarah hasn't done this yet so your tagged again Sarah. I also tag...Chad, Lori, Mandy, Megan and Cammie

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hi-tide, anyone?

Okay, Taylor has found himself in a predicament. Apparently he bought the wrong BRAND of ripstick, as you can see he bought the "hi-tide", which works just the same but apparently it
So he asked me to put these pictures on the blog to see if anyone is interested in helping him get out of this very unfortunate mistake. He is even willing to sell it for LESS than he bought it for!!! WOW!! :)
So if anyone is looking for a great birthday gift or early Christmas present leave a message for Tay and believe me he will call you back!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Smallish helping hands

Just to be fair to my wonderful, talented and very helpful children, I decided to post some pictures of them "accually" helping. (Note: Booga was trying to help Daddy with the cement yesterday) Here is Zachary doing his best to lay brick, he did a really good job!! Future mason? I hope not!! He was smoothing out the lines in the mortar after his Dad put each level on. I am just sure there is some correct term for that but I am have no idea what it is!!!
And so we get to Taylor...who says you cant be totally cool while mowing the (increadibly dead) lawn? He is determined to buy a hat online for school and needed just a few more bucks to get it, when that kid is determined he will do just about anything!!! Ask anyone in our family with a lawn, I am sure he has called them all :) So there is my proof that I do have a few smallish helping hands around here, 3 pairs that just about even out Boogas' 1 pair of not so helping hands.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Terrible 2 anyone?

Any of you who have had a child grow past the age of 2 know exactly how I felt when Taylor walked in and said, "Mom, Dad says you've got to come take a look at Boogs." I prepared myself for mud, knowing the hose was on outside but I wasn't ready for cement... ya cement. On her clothes, under her fingernails, between her toes and lets not forget in her hair!! None of the neighbors were watching or we would have known by the sound of child protective services knocking on my door after I washed her little body down with the hose. I was not letting THAT in my house!!! Would you? So how long would you say the terrible 2's last? Because you do know that she's 3 1/2.